Wednesday 27 September 2017

Turning Over @ Art Systems Wickham


Turning Over

Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells

Friday 18 November – Sunday 27 November 2016  |  Art Systems Wickham

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 19 November, from 3pm

Turning Over features new work by three Newcastle based artists Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells, whose recent explorations into sculpture, photo media and painting have prompted the group to exhibit together. 

The exhibition’s title references multiple thematic aspects of the work for exhibition through evoking the turn from day to night, and from two to three dimensions, as well as the shift towards spherical structures, diurnal cycles and expanded scales of focus. Turning Over also represents the amount of both calendar time and conceptual time it takes for artists to develop and to find their own visual voices.

Caelli Jo Brooker has re-purposed fabric from discarded garments to build dimensional work that examines aspects of personal and public creation and consumption. This shifted material focus embodies a conceptual and processual consciousness of revolving purpose, production, use, and disposal.

Alison Smith returns to a long-time interest in the ephemeral nature of scaffolding and it’s inherent qualities of mysterious promise. These new photo media works explore an extra dimension, representing a shift from a local to a global perspective.

Ahn Wells continues to produce works which are influenced by her interests in repetition, order/disorder, surface manipulation and pattern formation. These new works have developed from exploring the abstract patterns of plants and gardens at night. Seduced by the dark shadows, shapes and muted tones, Wells has found her new obsession. 

Turning Over starts at 11am on Friday 18 November, join us for the official opening and meet the artists on Saturday 19 November from 3pm at Art Systems Wickham. The exhibition continues until Sunday 27 November 2016.

Above images: Left to right: Caelli Jo Brooker  All Cosuming (detail) 2016 repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith  Feeling the Cold II 2016 archival inkjet print, 40 x 40cm (image area)  Ahn Wells  Ferns at night (detail) 2016 oil on board, 52 x 40cm

ASW is located at 40 Annie Street Wickham NSW 2293
The hours of opening are Friday to Sunday 11- 4pm. 
The gallery may be accessed outside the advertised opening times in consultation with the Director, Colin Lawson. Ph: 0431 853 600

Caelli Jo Brooker All Cosuming, 2016, repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith archival inkjet prints Ahn Wells oil paintings on board. 
Photography Alison Smith

Caelli Jo Brooker All Cosuming, 2016, repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith archival inkjet prints Ahn Wells oil paintings on board. 
Photography Alison Smith