Friday 30 October 2015

Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund

Copyright Agency

Creative Individuals Career Fund 


I have been fortunate enough to gain funding this October through the Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund. The CICF supports creative professional skills development, and I will be using the funding to undertake a specific program of intensive practical workshops and mentored studio access in order to develop my professional skills and knowledge in the discipline of letterpress.

Acknowledging the convergent historical and contemporary approaches to letterpress, and the unique perspectives and skill sets of each, I hope to connect my understanding through accessing both a traditional, and contemporary workshop within the letterpress community of Melbourne. 

Michael Isaachsen | Melbourne Museum of Printing (MMOP)  | Footscray, VIC

The traditional ‘Roots of Printing’ workshop, delivered through the Melbourne Museum of Printing, emphasises development and training in historical letterpress for print and design professionals working in aligned creative fields. 

Amy Constable | Saint Gertrude Letterpress (Litte Gold Studios) | Brunswick, VIC

In complement, the contemporary workshop through Saint Gertrude Letterpress takes the form of an advanced individual class with modern letterpress expert, Amy Constable, and blends the craft of letterpress with digital technology from a contemporary design perspective.