Saturday 31 January 2015

Beginnings exhibition at Gallery 139



18 February – 14 March 2015 | Gallery 139

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 21 Feb, 2pm

This first exhibition at Gallery 139 is on  until Saturday 14 March, aptly titled BEGINNINGS, the show brings together a wide range of artists representing a variety of media from painting, printmaking, installation, video, photography and sculpture and is a strong indicator of the quality of future exhibitions the gallery is planning to present.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Jeremy Robinson, Edwardo Milan, Madeleine Cruise, Gavin Vitullo, Barb Nanshe, Alexander Cooper-Rye, Joanna O'Toole, Pablo Tapia, Joanna Davies, Tim Messiter, Toni Amidy, Priya Joy, Peter Lankas, Leslie Duffin, Natalie Engdahl, Carly Brett, Michelle Brodie, John Turier, Lezlie Tilley, Michaela Swan, Robyn Grey, Braddon Snape, John Earle, Olivia Parsonage, Luke Beezley, The Strutt Sisters, Kes Harper, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Dan Nelson, Simone Darcy, Linda Swinfield, Felicity Howard, Matthew Tome, Chris Byrnes, Laura Wilson, Bridie Watt, Jeorg Lehmann, James Murphy, Clare Weeks, Dan Grey, Anne McLaughlin, Rob Cleworth, Alison Smith, Dane Tobias, Mal Cannon, Ahn Wells, Helene Leane, Meredith Woolnough, Dino Consalvo, Vicki Gerritsen, Debra Byrnes, Andrew Finnie, Susan Ryman, Rachel Milne, Chrissy Cope, Ellie Hannon, Paul Maher, Carolyn McKay, Catherine Tempest, Grant Keene, Flynn Doran, Caelli-Jo Brooker and Fern York.

Beginnings is a gallery curated exhibition.

GALLERY 139 is located at 139A Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303

Beginnings at

Six Wrapped Vessels (arrangement), repurposed fabric and cardboard, stones, masking tape and stringapproximately 46(h) X 32 (w) X 32(w) cm (group)