Monday 30 June 2014

Visual In-Sights Conference 2014: Theory, Method, Practice

Visual In-Sights: Theory, Method, Practice Conference
26 & 27 June 2014
Newcastle University, UK

Visual In-Sights, 2014, brings together a group of scholars, artists and practitioners who research the visual, use and work with visual materials and visual methods.

The Conference engages with an international community of scholars (established and emerging), creative practitioners, visual artists and arts-based, community project leaders who share these interests, and who are working at the cutting edge, or across the boundaries of, theory, method and practice. This is to host an inclusive, cross-sectoral engagement event which creates spaces for academic, practical and exhibitive work within the framework of a conference programme, and our focus is to explore and celebrate the fresh insights, synergies and impacts which this kind of collaborative, multi-platform conferencing will generate.

Visual In-Sights incorporates contributions which explore and demonstrate the cutting edge in research and practice which engages with the multiple spaces of the visual. In addition to panels, the conference is hosting a number of installations, films, displays and workshops.
Panels will include:
  • Visualising identities and becoming
  • Embodying the visual
  • Co-producing the visual
  • Art and aesthetics
  • Visual communication/communicating the visual
  • Visual cultures and geopolitics
  • Landscapes of the visual
  • Visualities and social media

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