Monday 9 December 2013

Graphicality Catalogue

artist statement

The making of a single line which immediately implies the divide between ground and ‘not-ground’ and the ontological contrast of mark and non-mark, is where intent resides and the experience of mark-making begins. 

The line, the mark, the scrawl, the scratch, the grapheme, the trace, the scribble, the drawing, the graphic; at once delineated and designed, spontaneous and considered.
Graphicality is evoked within this body of work as a quality of line, an explicitly diagrammatic, painted, written, formed, designed and drawn mark. These works refers to that graphical line and the shapes circumscribed and explored by it – particularly the rhizome.

In contrast to their non-linear structure, rhizomatic spaces are denoted and connoted by a literal and conceptual graphic line within the works. Expanded and contracted in scribed and meandering marks, these lines are taken for Klee’s proverbial walk within the rhizome.

Caelli Jo Brooker
December 2013

Please use the link below to view the catalogue, featuring an essay by Yvette Sullivan.

Graphicality Catalogue (PDF 200k)

Graphicality @ Greenway Gallery 06, 07, 08 December 2013

Graphicality is a bit of a precursor to the PhD exhibition and a chance to give some of the pieces a little outing before then... 

greenway gallery
166 Swan Street Morpeth NSW 2321
hours: mon - thu closed
fri - sun 11:00am - 4:00pm
phone: 02 4934 6411