Sunday 7 October 2012

object d'art @ greenway gallery

Object d'Art
06 Jul - 22 Jul 12 2012

166 Swan Street
Morpeth, NSW 2321

Object d'Art is an exhibition of multi-disciplinary works by 17 artists. The use of everyday objects as inspiration for works allows the artist to express their connection to their chosen object in a personal and often humorous way.

The 18 artists are Lezlie Tilley, Margaret Randall Joanna O'Toole, Caelli Jo Brooker, Matt Sage, Susan Hall Thompson, Greg Salter, Ros Elkin, Gianna Fallavollita, Cherie Wren, Julianne Ross Allcorn, Wayne Pugh, Ileana Clarke, Karen Ma, Caroline Lobsey, Anthony Clarke, Rhonda Partridge, Kerry Cooper

Caelli Jo Brooker 
Mounds and Vessels
recycled plastic bags, string