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Caelli Jo Brooker + Yvette Sullivan

Between the Sheets Artists Books 2019

30 August – 21 September 2019 | Gallery Central 

'Reorient’ is a two volume collaborative project relocating a shared print practice within a climate of re-use and reinterpretation. It refers to considered cycles and contexts of consumption and conscious material re-evaluation processed through familiar references to layout and landscape manifested in vertical and horizontal reorientations of mark and making.

Reorient (horizontal) and Reorient (vertical)
Unique edition paired Artists' Books 
Wood block, digital print, hand colouring and thread with repurposed office material, card and paper 
210 x 200 x 50mm (each)

Gallery Central
12 Aberdeen Street, Perth
Hours 10 - 4.45 weekdays, 11 - 4 Saturday 



New work by Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells

Thursday 02 November – Saturday 24 November 2017 |  Acrux Art Gallery

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 04 November, from 4pm

In Conditional, Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells are drawn together for a second time as a trio, to share their most recent work, and explore conditions of making and creative practice. In this way, Conditional takes for its inspiration the unique and overlapping conditions of their lives, professions and practices.

The process of exhibiting collectively, and the curious connections made across three distinctly different creative practices, have surprised and inspired each artist.

Navigating the connections between (and conditions of) exhibiting together, finding and making correlations between motivations, challenges and the combined works themselves, are some of the thematic and creative aspects present in the work for Conditional.

There are many shared ‘conditions’. Each artist has worked in arts administration - as gallery owners, directors, volunteers and curators – connected through colleagues, clients, communities of practice, design education, educational institutions and local creative industries.

Each has also worked across independent galleries, institutional galleries and ARIs as participants in those collective creative spaces – not always under the guise of practitioner, but also facilitating the creative work of others, and contributing to a larger creative community.

They each maintain an art practice beyond their other roles, and a sustained interest in studio making, and the conditions under which creativity is found, made, participated in, performed, shown, consumed, and shared.

Operating under different conditions professionally, personally and creatively, they are connected through the experience, challenges, rewards, and conditions of making.

Acrux Art Gallery
123 Tudor Street, Hamilton, NSW
0403 159 342
11:00am - 4:00pm


Turning Over

Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells

Friday 18 November – Sunday 27 November 2016  |  Art Systems Wickham

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 19 November, from 3pm

Turning Over features new work by three Newcastle based artists Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells, whose recent explorations into sculpture, photo media and painting have prompted the group to exhibit together. 

The exhibition’s title references multiple thematic aspects of the work for exhibition through evoking the turn from day to night, and from two to three dimensions, as well as the shift towards spherical structures, diurnal cycles and expanded scales of focus. Turning Over also represents the amount of both calendar time and conceptual time it takes for artists to develop and to find their own visual voices.

Caelli Jo Brooker has re-purposed fabric from discarded garments to build dimensional work that examines aspects of personal and public creation and consumption. This shifted material focus embodies a conceptual and processual consciousness of revolving purpose, production, use, and disposal.

Alison Smith returns to a long-time interest in the ephemeral nature of scaffolding and it’s inherent qualities of mysterious promise. These new photo media works explore an extra dimension, representing a shift from a local to a global perspective.

Ahn Wells continues to produce works which are influenced by her interests in repetition, order/disorder, surface manipulation and pattern formation. These new works have developed from exploring the abstract patterns of plants and gardens at night. Seduced by the dark shadows, shapes and muted tones, Wells has found her new obsession. 

Turning Over starts at 11am on Friday 18 November, join us for the official opening and meet the artists on Saturday 19 November from 3pm at Art Systems Wickham. The exhibition continues until Sunday 27 November 2016.

Above images: Left to right: Caelli Jo Brooker  All Cosuming (detail) 2016 repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith  Feeling the Cold II 2016 archival inkjet print, 40 x 40cm (image area)  Ahn Wells  Ferns at night (detail) 2016 oil on board, 52 x 40cm

ASW is located at 40 Annie Street Wickham NSW 2293
The hours of opening are Friday to Sunday 11- 4pm. 
The gallery may be accessed outside the advertised opening times in consultation with the Director, Colin Lawson. Ph: 0431 853 600

Caelli Jo Brooker All Cosuming, 2016, repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith archival inkjet prints Ahn Wells oil paintings on board. 
Photography Alison Smith

Caelli Jo Brooker All Cosuming, 2016, repurposed fabric, size variable Alison Smith archival inkjet prints Ahn Wells oil paintings on board. 
Photography Alison Smith



Technê: Crafting Technology

Wednesday 24 August  – Saturday 03 September 2016  |  The University Gallery

OFFICIAL OPENING: Professor Mario Minichiello will launch the exhibition on Thursday 25 AUGUST from 5:30pm

Technê refers to art, craft, and skill,
and the means by which a thing is made or gained –
a process of making and thinking.

Technê: crafting technology presents work by women who engage with technology in their creative practice. These makers, artists, designers and writers explore the unique outcomes and combinations that arise through the layering of art and design.Image: Simone O’Callaghan, Bathtime, cyanotype, 2011

The University Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 10am - 5pm,
Saturday 12pm - 4pm, or by appointment.

For enquiries please phone +61 2 4921 5255
or go to the University Gallery website for more information.


Pagination: The Book as Object & The Australian Book Design Awards

Wednesday 30 March  – Saturday 30 April 2016  |  The University Gallery

OFFICIAL OPENING: University Librarian, Gregory Anderson will launch the exhibitions on FRIDAY 1 APRIL from 5:30pm


Celebrate the book as an engaging vehicle for artistic imagination as well as excellence in Australian book design over the past year. Join us at the University Gallery for the launch of two exhibitions, Pagination: the Book as Object and the 2015 Australian Book Design Awards.

The work of local, national and international makers concerned with the book as a creative medium have been invited by curators, Caelli Jo Brooker and Gillean Shaw, to exhibit in Pagination, an exhibition that investigates the medium and meaning of the book, and more broadly of book arts as a contemporary mode of expression. Works represented in the exhibition range from sculptural book objects, altered books, and editioned letterpress works – to designed books, comics, digitally printed works, student zines and print on demand publications.

Gillean Shaw
Lyn Ashby
Helen Hopcroft
Anne-Maree Hunter
Patricia Wilson-Adams
Zoë Sadokierski
Trevor Weekes
Michele Skelton
Jánis R. Nedéla
Lynda McPherson
Deidre Brollo
Caelli Jo Brooker
Nicci Haynes
Glen Skien
Sarah Bryant
Monica Oppen
Gillian Bencke
Tom Sowden
Michelle Catanzaro
Sarah Bodman
Ben Mitchell
Kate Cross
Yvette Sullivan
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison

The 63rd Australian Book Design Awards honor outstanding books published between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015. The Australian Book Designers Association (ABDA) supports Australian book designers by promoting their work to, and connecting with, the broader publishing community.

The University Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 10am - 5pm,
Saturday 12pm - 4pm, or by appointment.

For enquiries please phone +61 2 4921 5255
or go to the University Gallery website for more information.



The Expanded Print

curated by Ellen Starrett and Danielle Minett

02 March  – 20 March 2016  |  Watt Space Gallery

OFFICIAL OPENING: March 3rd from 6:30pm

THE EXPANDED PRINT is an art exhibition celebrating artist books, photo books, zines and print works.

The Expanded Print exhibition pushes the boundaries of the modern zines, artist and photo books into an expanded form and opens up a range of possibilities for photography and print medium. The exhibition is running at Watt Space Gallery from March 2 – 20.

The Book Fair (March 12th 11am-5pm) will be an opportunity to experience a display of student works along side practicing artist in the local community. Many additional works will be bought along to participate in the Book Fair.

Along with these additional works, we have a fantastic list of speakers who will be discussing their work with artist and photo books as well as creation of zines and self published other mediums.

Speakers Include:
11:15am – Liam Madsen  (
11:45am – Ben Mitchell  ( )
12:30 – Dylan Smyth ( )
1:30 – Anne-Maree Hunter ( )
2:30 – Caelli Brooker ( )
3:30 – Dr. Deidre Brollo ( )
4:30 – Dr. Miranda Lawry (

This is a free event held at Watt Space Gallery – Ground Floor, Northumberland House, cnr King and Auckland Street, Newcastle.

Watt Space Gallery is open from 11am – 5pm  Wednesday to Sunday or by appointment.

For more information please visit the Facebook events page –

Image with thanks to Danlelle Minett



Not Just Collage

Wednesday 03 February – Saturday 20 February 2016  |  Gallery 139

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 6 February, 2-4pm

A gallery curated exhibition exploring the art form created by the simple act of cutting and glueing things together and onto a surface to make an artwork. It first became recognised as a form of artistic expression during the Synthetic Cubism period. Think Picasso and Braque. Collage became an important tool for the Dadaists and throughout Surrealism and eventually found a forefather in the art of Kurt Schwitters. This exhibition celebrates the wonderfully liberating use of mixed media used by the exhibiting artists to make their work. 

Exhibiting artists: The Strutt Sisters, Caelli Jo Brooker, Kate Burton, Barb Nanshe, Maggie Hall, Jane Collins and Giselle Penn.

GALLERY 139 is located at 139A Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303

Caelli Jo Brooker, Detail from 'Sushi Train', mixed media collage (digital prints, found paper, watercolour, 
pencil, crayon, liquid paper, and collage on paper), 55 x 42 cm, 2016

Caelli Jo Brooker, Detail from 'Monster Magnet', mixed media collage (digital prints, found paper, watercolour, 
pencil, crayon, liquid paper, and collage on paper), 55 x 42 cm, 2016


Thinking/Making: Does making help creative thinking? 

05 December 2015 – 05 February 2016  |  Curious Projects, Eastbourne, UK

An exhibition of 27 selected artists’ maquettes and models exploring thinking through making.

Curious Gallery Winter 2015-16 show

Rather than showing finished work, this was an exhibition of three-dimensional ‘sketches’, models and maquettes, made as part of the artists’ creative thinking process – either a kind of ‘making’ used purely as a thinking tool and/or as an aid to making actual work.

Curious Projects received over 100 entries in response to their 'call for artists' to submit their maquettes and models. The result is a selection of 27 pieces that shows a broad range of practices, materials and techniques. The selected artists come from all over the UK (and even Australia), and whilst most have studied art, they have varied backgrounds and approaches to making work. Some of the artists are still studying, some are mid-career, and some have been practising for decades.

Ben Browton / Anika Carpenter / Nicholas Cheeseman / Anne Cresswell / Rachel Dodson / Eldi Dundee / Miranda Ellis / Elaine Fisher / Naomi Greeves / Rupert Hartley / Harriet Hill / Charlie Hurcombe / John King / Jessica Knight / Valerie Large / Amy Leung / Penny Maltby / Vanessa Marr / Judy Martin / Emma Pratt / Jim Roseveare / Katherine Sullivan / Yvette Sullivan + Caelli Brooker / Caroline Testa / Claire Tindale / Alice Walter / Poppy Whatmore

Yvette Sullivan and I exhibited a collaborative maquette.

"We are interested in collaboration, and how creative thinking can be shared, visualised and mapped through processes of making. Using the Deleuzo-Guattarian rhizome as a metaphor to explore the non-hierarchical, and interwoven potential of shared experience, we have explored ways to model, make and document thoughts, values, processes and priorities for creative collaboration.

The exhibited maquette draws on work produced during ‘Mapping Collaboration’, an experimental event in which a central gallery space was dedicated to the participatory building of a rhizomatic structure - creating a visualisation of collaborative values, that documented and informed collaborative thinking and encounters through its very making."


Making It Known

Friday 13 November – Sunday 21 November 2015   |  Curve Gallery

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 13 November from 6pm

A Visual Communication Design Research Exhibition


Our position within in the academy is both a challenge and an opportunity. It can be a potentially difficult encounter with the established methodologies of older disciplines and discourses, but it provides the prospect of articulating the strength and benefits of research and expertise particular to our fields. As researchers we can make distinct the value of our specific ways of thinking and knowing, our connection to industry, our engagement with professional practice, and our creative commonality – fundamentally, we can communicate our unique selling proposition.

Experientially, our disciplines engage in critically reflexive processes; practices distinguished as their own research, and whose enquiry impels and informs their further practice. This exhibition asks, how do we articulate these critical processes through the creative and designerly means of our professions, and how do we visualise the research character of our shared disciplines?

What does our research look like?

As we visualise research within our disciplines as we find them at present, an interesting set of questions to ask ourselves as researchers might be:
• What do we stand for?
• What do we actually do? ­
• What is unique about what we do?
• What do we have in common… or not?
• What do we have to offer?

And maybe more importantly: What is the relationship between the making, (in whatever form that takes), and the knowing that we are required to articulate within the academy?
Essentially: How do we make the knowing of making and the making of knowing known?

KEY WORDS: research, knowledge, practice, pedagogy, design, illustration, Visual Communication Design, Natural History Illustration, practitioner, practice-oriented enquiry, creativity, academia, critical design
UON Visual Communication Design 2015
61 Hunter Street,
Newcastle NSW

Copyright Agency

Creative Individuals Career Fund 


I have been fortunate enough to gain funding this October through the Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund. The CICF supports creative professional skills development, and I will be using the funding to undertake a specific program of intensive practical workshops and mentored studio access in order to develop my professional skills and knowledge in the discipline of letterpress.

Acknowledging the convergent historical and contemporary approaches to letterpress, and the unique perspectives and skill sets of each, I hope to connect my understanding through accessing both a traditional, and contemporary workshop within the letterpress community of Melbourne. 

Michael Isaachsen | Melbourne Museum of Printing (MMOP)  | Footscray, VIC

The traditional ‘Roots of Printing’ workshop, delivered through the Melbourne Museum of Printing, emphasises development and training in historical letterpress for print and design professionals working in aligned creative fields. 

Amy Constable | Saint Gertrude Letterpress (Litte Gold Studios) | Brunswick, VIC

In complement, the contemporary workshop through Saint Gertrude Letterpress takes the form of an advanced individual class with modern letterpress expert, Amy Constable, and blends the craft of letterpress with digital technology from a contemporary design perspective.



08 – 30 August 2015 | CStudios

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 08 August, 2pm
ARTISTS: Caelli Jo Brooker, Gail Brown, Ruth Chapman, Ileana Clarke, Joyce Clulow, Ros Elkin, Gianna Fallavollita, Linda Greedy, Jeanne Harrison, Judy Henry, Maria Hine, Robin Hundt, Helene Leane, Caroline Lobsey, Margaret Randall, Greg Salter, Susan Hall-Thompson, Cherie Wren

"Greenway Gallery* on Swan Street, Morpeth, began its existence as an Artist Run Initiative
in 2007. It was founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic artists who had met at Newcastle
Art School (TAFE Hunter Street Campus).

Caroline Lobsey (owner and director), along with Mandy Davies, Ileana Clarke, Roslyn Elkin and Karen Ma (the original committee members), opened Greenway Gallery as a contemporary exhibition space, so that emerging and established artists could show their work in a friendly and supportive environment. Gianna Fallavollita and Margaret Randall joined the committee in later years.

The gallery developed an excellent reputation through its professional ideals and quality exhibitions. Within a few years, it had become well established within the art community of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. A wide variety of exhibitions (including solo and group shows) were part of the exhibition calendar. Painting, sculpture, photography and other forms of visual expression were represented over the years.

Since December 2013, the gallery has been in recess, but this exhibition, appropriately entitled Connection, brings together many of the artists associated with Greenway Gallery, and connects them once again."

(Greenway Artists, 2015)

*Greenway Gallery was named after the colonial architect Francis Greenway (1777 1837) with whom Caroline Lobsey has a family connection.

The exhibition will run until Sunday 30 August, 2015.

Drawing Fine is a gallery curated exhibition.
CStudios is located on the corner of Hunter Street and Bellevue Street

Shop 1/738 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2302

Hours // Wednesday to Sunday 12:00pm until 4:00pm

// +612 4023 8927
// 0407 107 053
Caelli Jo Brooker, Button Stones + Heart Stones + Stacked Stones + Cloven Stones, 2015, digital print, 
laser toner pigment, watercolour, marker, pencil and crayon on paper, 36.5 x 29 cm (paper size)


Drawing Fine

01 – 18, April 2015 | Gallery 139

OFFICIAL OPENING: Wednesday 1 April, 5-7pm
ARTISTS: Ben Kenning, Caelli-Jo Brooker, Damien Slevin, Judy Henry, John Moroney, Olivia Parsonage, Peter Lankas, Peter Read and Toni Amidy

"...Drawing is fundamental to an artist's development and is often used as a means to progress onto final piece of work.  However, in this exhibition, Drawing is the subject matter.  The nine (9) artists involved in this exhibition are all coming from different backgrounds and their drawings are as distinctive and intriguing as their individual art practices. This is sure to be an exciting 3rd exhibition at Gallery 139.

Drawing and making marks on paper is such a fundamental part of being an artist. I think it's the most important part, even if your final art form is far removed from the messy studio space of a painter or printmaker. Drawing leads the way to understanding an artist's reasons for making, it assists in sorting through ideas and solidifies final compositions. An artist needs drawing like oxygen to truly start producing worthwhile art.

Drawing lines; light and dark, soft and hard together on paper using pencils, ink, pastel, watercolour, oil stick etc can, once melded together in the hand's of a practising artist, yield the most amazing results. Abstract or figurative, drawing for drawing's sake can never be taken for granted.

Coming up next in the gallery, is Drawing Fine which presents this to an audience who is willing to embrace Drawing in all its finery. Starting on Wednesday 1 April, the gallery will be open from 10am and no silly April Fool's jokes will be required to enter..."

~ Ahn Wells (curator)

The exhibition will run until 18 April 2015.

Drawing Fine is a gallery curated exhibition.

GALLERY 139 is located at 139A Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303

Drawing Fine at

Caelli-Jo Brooker Words and Origami: Box 2015 pencil, crayon, acrylic, ink & collage on paper, 55cm x 42cm

DDCA Symposium

The Outstanding Field: artistic research emerging from the Academy

19 – 21 March 2015 | VCA, MCM, The University of Melbourne 

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to present my research at the Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts (DDCA) symposium - The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy.

Organised by the wonderful Dr Barbara Bolt, the symposium is to be held at the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium and showcases the most outstanding PhD projects to have emerged from the Creative Arts in Australia and New Zealand over the last decade. All presenters are PhD graduates whose thesis projects have been recognized for their quality and excellence. This recognition includes Chancellors Awards for excellence, national and international prizes and other external recognition of the innovation and impact of their artistic research. Presenters for this symposium have been sponsored by Creative Arts institutions from across Australia and New Zealand. It will be an invaluable experience for academics in Creative Arts programs, PhD supervisors in practice-led creative arts disciplines and students enrolled in creative arts PhD and MFA programs.

Date: Thursday the 19th — Saturday 21st of March 2015
Location: Federation Hall, VCA, Grant St, Southbank, Melbourne.


Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2015 

07 March – 02 April 2015 | Gallery East + Gallery Central | Perth WA

Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2015 | Gallery East + Central Gallery | Perth | WA
Venue: Gallery Central, the Central Institute of Technology, 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia
Exhibition Dates:  7 March – 2 April  2015
Official Opening: 6pm   Friday 6 March 2015
Gallery East in conjunction with Gallery Central (Central Institute of Technology)

Zimbabwe: Tafadzwa Gwetai
United States of America: Cristina de Almeida
United Kingdom: Thurle Wright
Singapore: Jesvin Yeo
Lithunania: Kęstutis Vasiliūnas
Italy: Loretta Cappanera; Virginia Milici
Germany: Christiane Fichtner; Dorothea Fleiss
ACT: Caren Florance; Nicci Haynes
New South Wales: Caelli Brooker; Anne-Maree Hunter; Yvette Sullivan
Queensland: Fiona Dempster; Robyn Foster; Helen Malone; Stephen Spurrier
South Australia: Beth Evans; Margaret Sanders
Victoria: Debbie Hill; Petr Herel; Deborah Klein; Clyde McGill; Lesley O'Gorman
Western Australia:        
Eve Arnold; Kathy Aspinall; Denise Brown & Gail Robinson; Ella Borrello; Kristen Brownfield; Caitlin Dominey; Sandra Dunbar; Martin Heine & Gunnar Müller; Emmaline James; Shana James; Pam Langdon; Nikki Lundy; Aliesha Mafrici; Elisa Markes-Young; Dragica Milunovic; Laura Mitchell; Jánis Nedéla; Manon Raath; Stewart Scambler; Annette Seeman; Jessica Tan; John Teschendorff; Paul Uhlmann; Rebecca Westlund; Angelyne Wolfe; Gera Woltjer

Between the Sheets: Artists. Books 2015 is held in parallel with the 7th International Artists Books exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania

Caelli Jo Brooker and Yvette Sullivan, 'Scaled Down, Volumes 1 & II' unique editions, letterpress, watercolour, vintage maps, paper, slipcase, 19 x 19 x 1cm 


Mapping Collaboration: a participatory art project

18 – 21 February 2015 | 310 NXrd Gallery, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, UK

Mapping Collaboration is a participatory exhibition by Yvette Sullivan and myself that examines creative collaboration and the values of working together.

We are interested in how creative collaboration might be imagined from a shared creative community perspective, and how our values for collaboration could be visually expressed, incorporated and mapped. Using the DeleuzoGuattarian rhizome as a structural/non-structural metaphor to explore the non-hierarchical nature of shared experience and collaboration, we hope to map and document contributions to a collective visualisation of the shifting visual impressions and representations of values, process and priorities for creative collaboration.

During the exhibition, a central space will be allocated to the collective and participatory building of a dimensional rhizomatic structure to create a visualisation of collaborative values as seen by the community and with the aim of mapping, documenting and informing collaborative encounters.

Mapping Collaboration forms part of an on-going international collaborative creative research partnership. The installation itself is conceived as an invitation extended to the CAL/Goldsmiths community, as well as the broader community, to actively participate in the collaborative themes of the proposed exhibition. The project goals are mapping and informing existing discourse surrounding the nature of creative collaborative acts, processes and values through visual and participatory means.

In this sense, the collective rhizome installation will be an invitation for the community to participate through contributing to the sculptural map based on their own perceptions of creative collaboration. Participants will be given the opportunity to select from a variety of colour-coded chenille sticks each representing different collaborative themes and values, and can also assign their own priorities and experiences to colours. These coloured flexible sticks form dimensional additions to the growing rhizome, as participants connect their contribution and add to the installation as they see fit. Through this interaction, the rhizomatic map builds in colour, shape, size and focus – its growth and pulse also captured through drawing and stop motion imagery.

Please see the Mapping collaboration site for a copy of the catalogue, featuring an introduction by CAL Curator of Social Practices, Dr Tara Page.



18 February – 14 March 2015 | Gallery 139

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 21 Feb, 2pm

This first exhibition at Gallery 139 is on  until Saturday 14 March, aptly titled BEGINNINGS, the show brings together a wide range of artists representing a variety of media from painting, printmaking, installation, video, photography and sculpture and is a strong indicator of the quality of future exhibitions the gallery is planning to present.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Jeremy Robinson, Edwardo Milan, Madeleine Cruise, Gavin Vitullo, Barb Nanshe, Alexander Cooper-Rye, Joanna O'Toole, Pablo Tapia, Joanna Davies, Tim Messiter, Toni Amidy, Priya Joy, Peter Lankas, Leslie Duffin, Natalie Engdahl, Carly Brett, Michelle Brodie, John Turier, Lezlie Tilley, Michaela Swan, Robyn Grey, Braddon Snape, John Earle, Olivia Parsonage, Luke Beezley, The Strutt Sisters, Kes Harper, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Dan Nelson, Simone Darcy, Linda Swinfield, Felicity Howard, Matthew Tome, Chris Byrnes, Laura Wilson, Bridie Watt, Jeorg Lehmann, James Murphy, Clare Weeks, Dan Grey, Anne McLaughlin, Rob Cleworth, Alison Smith, Dane Tobias, Mal Cannon, Ahn Wells, Helene Leane, Meredith Woolnough, Dino Consalvo, Vicki Gerritsen, Debra Byrnes, Andrew Finnie, Susan Ryman, Rachel Milne, Chrissy Cope, Ellie Hannon, Paul Maher, Carolyn McKay, Catherine Tempest, Grant Keene, Flynn Doran, Caelli-Jo Brooker and Fern York.

Beginnings is a gallery curated exhibition.

GALLERY 139 is located at 139A Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303

Beginnings at

Six Wrapped Vessels (arrangement), repurposed fabric and cardboard, stones, masking tape and stringapproximately 46(h) X 32 (w) X 32(w) cm (group)

iJADE: 2014

Collaborative Practices in Arts Education

24th - 25th October 2014 | Tate Liverpool

My collaborator Yvette Sullivan and I have been fortunate to be invited to speak at the 2014 iJADE conference on collaborative practices in Arts Education.

Despite the prevailing dogmas of individualism and competition, collaboration, partnerships and collective activity have continued to thrive in arts practices. This year's iJADE conference will focus on collaboration in arts education, and invites papers that investigate this theme.

Collaboration strands...
changes in the way that we think about collaboration; the ethics of collaboration; young people as researchers/artists within collaborative practices; collaborative funding; international creative partnerships; scholl partnerships through the arts; the relationship and/or tensions between collaborative and autonomous practices; gender and/or ethnicity in collaborative practices; communities of practice; theories of collaboration; the politics of collaboration; collaboration through adversity; agency and identity dynamics within collaborative practices; inter- disciplinarity; collaborative curricula; partnerships in teacher education; pedagogical collaboration; collaborative generation of knowledge; co-creation.

ABSTRACTION NOW is a group show featuring Anne McLaughlin, Alison Smith, Bruce Roxburgh, Lezlie Tilley, Ahn Wells, Priya Joy and myself, opening soon @ Newcastle Art Space - NAS alongside the wonderful work of Olivia Parsonage! So if you feel a lack of scribbles, please feel welcome to come along on Friday 03 October, 2014 at 6pm for the opening...

Un-Western Inventions are a series of work underway for Abstraction Now – a group exhibition featuring Anne McLaughlin, Alison Smith, Bruce Roxburgh, Lezlie Tilley, Ahn Wells, Priya Joy and myself, opening soon at Newcastle Art Space.

14 Drawings of Somewhere Else, 2014
crayon on paper
30 x 21cm (each)

Wall text for the exhibition – PODzome
"The rhizome, as envisaged by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, is conceptualised as a mobile and open-ended non-structure that is multi-dimensional, non-prescriptive, self-referential, multiple, contradictory and ever-becoming.
Ripe with botanical analogies of self-propagation and untrammelled tuberous growth, the rhizome resists the structurally linear in favour of rhizomatic diversion, organic regeneration, productive affiliation and creative invention. Creativity itself is situated in It is this potential for generative, collective and creative connection suggested by the rhizome, that provides a touchstone for the PODzome exhibition. This is a curatorial convergence – an exhibition that unites multiplicities of practice through conceptually connecting and presenting the work of an already interconnected group of artists: Jen Denzin, Penny Dunstan, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Mandy Robinson, Jane Robinson, Bree Saunders, Brooke Stevens, and Alison Smith. These multiple identities and practices intersect  in reflecting the rhizomatic shape of constantly evolving creative communities, wherein acts of making, collaboration and encounter productively inform each other through creative inter-connectedness.
PODzome presents us with a momentarily stilled materialisation of this shifting inter-connectedness and the ever-becoming and rhizomatic alliances that exist between creative individuals, entities and ideas."(Caelli Jo Brooker)

PODzome: in the middle of things
10 to 27 September 2014
Opening: Friday 12 September 2014

PODzome is a pulse. It is a map. It is a conceptual tuber.

It is an ode to the constancy of local creative adaptations, experiments, expansions and contractions. In a broader context, PODzome marks change, flux, and mobility in and around our city. Its artists are
engaged in urban, creative, and organic rhizomatic networks, which exist 'in the middle of things'1.
PODzome is also a formal 'hat doffing' to the alliances and interconnections generated by and between organisations such as Octapod and the University of Newcastle.

PODzome also heralds the commencement of Newcastle's This is Not Art Festival, 'TiNA'. For almost two decades TiNA, considered one of Australia's leading contemporary emerging arts festivals, has facilitated the convergence of experimental and emerging artists, writers, performers, thinkers, musicians, dancers, arts workers, media makers and creative researchers in a kind of 'transart' ideas and resource exchange.

The University Gallery is delighted to host PODzome for PODspace, an arts initiative that has become an open structure, not fixed to a format or place – it regenerates and grows horizontally with offshoots popping up throughout Newcastle. Rhizome-like. Curated by Jen Denzin, former PODspace Director, PODzome features the work of Jen Denzin, Penny Dunstan, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Mandy Robinson, Eleanor Jane Robinson, Bree Sanders, Brooke Stevens, and Alison Smith.

1 Deleuze, Gilles and Guattari, Felix: A Thousand Plateaus, (University of Minnesota Press: 1987), p7

Mandy Robinson All gone under the sea. All gone under the hill (detail) 2014
240 x 120 x 30 cm, paper, ink, felt, thread and found objects

Jen Denzin installing her work at the University gallery - image by Kerri Shying
Jen Denzin installing her work at the University gallery - image by Kerri Shying